"Moving beyond words into the world..."


● Parent Workshops:
    • Using Effective Reading Strategies with your Child
    • Helping with Homework
    • Surviving Scinece Fair Projects!

● Adults:
    • Learn to Use Your Computer
    • Resume Writing and Job Applications
    • Refining Reading & Writing Skills
    • Achieving your OSSD or GED requirements

● Kid Connect:
    • After School Tutoring: one-to-one or small groups
    • Book Clubs

● Seniors:
    • Learn to Use Your Computer
    • Book Clubs

● English as a Second Language (ESL):
• One-to-one situations, offering many opportunities to become more comfortable with the English language while intergrating into the local community: grammar instruction, From Reading to Writing", and peer mentoring

● Special Needs:
    • Programs tailored to individuals' special needs or interests

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